An Honest Unpaid Review of ABCmouse – Is it Worth it?


If you have young children, you’ll understand how difficult it can be to keep them engaged with their learning. ABCmouse is an educational app and website designed for children between the ages of two and eight.

Offering an entire learning path within various lands, your child will follow through with different lessons and progress throughout the program once they’ve mastered new skills.

It’s an engaging and fun way to encourage your child to learn at home. During the past year, with many of us teaching our kids at home, the need for interactive educational software has become greater than ever before.

1 full year for $45 ($45 per year until canceled)

Whether your child is still waiting to start school or looking for a fun family product to enhance their learning outside of school, ABCmouse is a great concept that helps make learning more enjoyable.

Today we’re here to offer you our full and honest ABCmouse review. We’ll answer all of the most common questions about this product, so you can decide if it’s worth investing in for you and your child.

1 full year for $45 ($45 per year until canceled)

ABCmouse Review

ABCmouse is an online subscription service, which offers you access to their educational website or app. While there are, of course, free activities available online for kids, as you’ll see from our ABCmouse review, this service offers a lot more than you’ll find elsewhere online.

What is ABCmouse and How Does it Work?

Upon subscribing to ABCmouse, your child will set up their avatar and begin their journey through the virtual classroom. You’ll find a wide range of subjects on the site, including reading, math, science, and art.   


ABCmouse Review - Avatar

1 full year for $45 ($45 per year until canceled)

ABCmouse makes learning fun for children by offering games and interactive lessons. Kids will also enjoy interacting with the ever-changing landscapes, which keep up with the holidays and seasons.

When you first sign up to the site, your child will undertake a short assessment. ABCmouse encourages you to be present for the test; however, you shouldn’t help them during this stage.

The assessment decides where your child will begin their lessons and what skills they need to polish. The ABCmouse games and lessons offer a challenging educational experience for children, which keeps them engaged in their learning.

ABCmouse Review -Art


Thanks to the assessment process, children will find they are placed at the perfect level for their needs. They won’t find lessons either too difficult or too easy, so they’ll enjoy coming back to ABCmouse whenever they can.

To keep your child motivated, you can track their progress. After each completed lesson, they’ll receive tickets, which is a fun way to keep your child motivated and competitive about their learning.

The video below provide a great summary of ABCmouse and what you can expect:


As a parent, how will my child benefit from ABCmouse?

As homeschooling parents, I’m sure you are aware of the challenges of keeping young children engaged with learning. 

1 full year for $45 ($45 per year until canceled)

You’ll be excited to learn that there are many lessons and activities to keep your child occupied. We understand that homeschooling parents can find it challenging to develop new activities all the time, but the ABCmouse games and activities take that challenge off your plate.

On ABCmouse, you’ll find audio pages, puzzles, art, games, and so much more. Regardless of how your child learns best, they’ll find activities to keep them engaged in the learning process.

Parents will be happy to know that ABCmouse uses a board of educational experts. They help plan the app and site’s content, and they apply state standards to the lesson path and activities.

1 full year for $45 ($45 per year until canceled)

You’ll also appreciate the parents’ area, which allows you to track your child’s progress on ABCmouse.

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