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No ABCmouse review would be complete without comparing it to other popular services when discussing various learning apps. Homer Learning is a relatively similar app, which is often compared to ABCmouse.

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The main difference between the two apps is that Homer Learning primarily focuses on developing your child’s reading skills. On the other hand, ABCmouse offers a very diverse curriculum, including math, art, and science.

As they come in at a similar price point, it can be challenging to choose between the two. We personally found the variety of the lessons and subjects on ABCmouse to be much more significant, making it well worth the monthly charge. 

Even young kids nowadays are used to high-quality graphics, and we found ABCmouse to offer a more advanced design and better-quality interactive lessons. However, if you only need to focus on your child’s reading skills, this is why you may choose Homer Learning.

ABCmouse also offers some more fun songs for children to engage in. If you are in the US, you’ll find it’s perfectly tailored to the culture here and offers information about American history and culture that is great for young children to learn.

For either of these products, we recommend testing it out first with a free trial. You can enjoy an ABCmouse free trial for 30 days, so you’ll be able to see everything it has to offer your child before paying a monthly fee.


Why We Love ABCmouse

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As you can probably see from this ABCmouse review, there’s a lot to love about this app, especially for homeschooling parents. ABCmouse is easy to access and download and can be purchased through Amazon if you feel more secure subscribing in that way.

Children love to play more than anything, and one of the things we love most about ABCmouse is its ability to engage children in their learning. You’ll no longer have to force your child to study each day, and they’ll genuinely find using ABCmouse to be fun and exciting.

The app and site teach young children that learning doesn’t have to involve sitting down in front of a book all day long. Learning can be fun and interactive, and they’ll love the bright colors and graphics used on the app and site.

ABCmouse can be used on its website or the app. We found it worked perfectly on a tablet, which is probably the easiest way to set up this program for your child.

While we conducted a comprehensive review of everything you need to know in this ABCmouse review, the best thing about the service is its 30-day free trial. Every child is different in how they learn. For some, this may be a great tool to complement your homeschooling lessons. Others may not find it as enjoyable. With the 30-day trial, you’re able to assess if this product is right for you and your family risk-free.  

ABCmouse is easy to cancel at any time, and although most children will love the app, you can feel secure knowing it’s an option at any point.

The learning process on the app is uninterrupted, and in comparison, to most apps and games for phones today, you’ll appreciate not having to subject your young child to more adverts. They already see enough each day, so it’s the last thing you want during study time.

Get 30 Days FREE of! (then $12.99 mo. until canceled)

Finally, the progression and lesson plans are well designed on the app, and we felt that children would get great value from ABCmouse. You’ll find they progress the more they use it, and it’s easy for both you and your child to track how they are getting on within the app.

Wrapping it Up

For homeschooling parents looking for a new way to keep their children engaged this year, ABCmouse is a great option. As you can tell from this ABCmouse review, it offers fun and interactive games and lessons for two to eight-year-old children, who will enjoy returning over and again to the app.

With the ABCmouse free trial lasting up to 30 days, you’ll enjoy a risk-free way to try out this service. While you do have to put your payment details in, you can cancel at any time if your child doesn’t get along with the program.

ABCmouse is a new and innovative way to help children learn and offers one of the widest selections of subjects on the market. Unlike other apps which focus on reading or math, you’ll also enjoy science and art lessons and visits to the zoo and farm.

Get 30 Days FREE of! (then $12.99 mo. until canceled)

As well as the in-app lessons, you can also benefit from thousands of print-off activities. Should your child need some time away from screens, it’s a great way to provide a seamless educational opportunity for them.

We highly recommend giving the ABCmouse free trial a go to see how your child gets on with the program. It’s a great way to keep your child entertained while we are still more restricted in our day-to-day life, and they’ll love tracking their progress and earning rewards as they go.

To get your free 30 day trial started, click on the image below and let us know what you think!

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