What Age is ABCmouse Good For?

ABCmouse Review - Learning Path

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The official ABCmouse site shares that the service is suitable for those between the ages of two and eight years old.

The activities are tailored to each age group, and the assessment process ensures your child receives activities to complete that are suited to their level. However, as with any product, we recommend considering the information in this ABCmouse review to ensure it’s a good fit for your child.

When it comes to the younger end of the spectrum, children aged two and three will need more supervision when playing on the app. You’ll want to keep this in mind, as it won’t necessarily free up any time for you when homeschooling.

Get 30 Days FREE of ABCmouse.com! (then $12.99 mo. until canceled)

You may find seven and eight-year-old children are no longer as interested or engaged in using the app on the older end of the scale. If they are already attending school, another educational activity may be the last thing they want to do.

The middle of the age range is the perfect fit for ABCmouse, and kids aged four to six will enjoy engaging in the fun activities on the app. We also found that this age group was motivated by the ticket system, which helps to keep them returning to their lessons each day.

At this age, we also think children can often be left to use the app by themselves. While you’ll still want to supervise them, you will be able to enjoy getting on with your own work or anything you need to do around the house while they are kept busy.


How Much Does ABCmouse Cost?

ABCmouse works as a subscription service, and as with most similar services, you can choose from a monthly or annual subscription. These are the three options available for ABCmouse:

  • Monthly – $9.95 a month, charged on a rolling basis. (Click here to receive your first 2 months for only $5!) 
  • 6 Month Plan – If you would like to commit to ABCmouse games and activities for a little longer, subscribe for 6 months at the reduced price of $29.95.
  • Annual – $59.95 a year. Of course, an annual subscription is an excellent value for money, but you’ll want to consider everything in this ABCmouse review or use the free trial first before committing.

There is an ABCmouse free trial available to anyone who is a new subscriber. This free trial lasts for 30 days, and you’ll enjoy the entire ABCmouse experience during this time.

To take part in the ABCmouse free trial, you’ll need to complete the sign-up process, which does involve adding your payment details. Make sure you remember to cancel at the end of the month if you no longer want to enjoy the service, or you will be charged.

Get 30 Days FREE of ABCmouse.com! (then $12.99 mo. until canceled)

If you no longer want to use ABCmouse, you can cancel at any time, and you won’t be charged for your next billing period. As with any online service, you’ll want to ensure your child regularly uses ABCmouse to get the best value for money from the product.

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