How is ABCmouse better than other products?

It’s understandable for homeschooling parents to wonder why they would want to pay for a subscription website or app. With so many resources available today, it can be hard to know where to start.

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One of the things we love most about ABCmouse is the lack of advertisements and pop-ups on the site and app. No one wants their child to be bombarded with spam when they are trying to learn, and even the ABCmouse free trial keeps your child’s learning clear of ads.

Get 30 Days FREE of! (then $12.99 mo. until canceled)

If you are a parent of multiple young children, you’ll love the ability to register up to three kids for one price. We all know bringing up kids can be expensive, so this is a great value-for-money option for larger families.

In comparison to other similar products, we found ABCmouse to offer exciting and engaging content. Whether your child is a toddler or reaching the age limit for the product, as you can tell from our ABCmouse review, the site offers fun games and a reward system to keep your child engaged.


ABCmouse Review Puzzles

Get 30 Days FREE of! (then $12.99 mo. until canceled)

What is included with ABCmouse?

When you subscribe to ABCmouse, you’ll find the following included on the website or app:

  • 10 levels of learning with over 850 lessons
  • More than 10,000 learning activities
  • Over 450 books included in ABCmouse
  • 2,000 printable activities, including coloring, art, reading, and math
  • An interactive zoo and farm
  • Up to three children can register with one subscription


Pros of ABCmouse

As you can see, ABCmouse offers a lot to parents and children. These are a few of the top benefits of this product:

  • No Advertisements – There are no pop-up ads or distractions for your child while they are playing ABCmouse games or taking part in lessons.
  • Three Children on One Subscription – We love that you can add up to three kids for one price.
  • Easy to Track Progress – For both parents and children, it’s easy to track the child’s progress, and the ticket system is engaging for kids.
  • Variety of Lessons and Activities – The variety of activities available to children will keep them engaged in the app or site for months.
  • A Safe Learning Experience – Homeschooling parents, can feel reassured that their child is safe using ABCmouse. It is COPPA-compliant and doesn’t contain links to external sites.
  • Easy to Setup and Use – Kids will be able to navigate the app or site easily, and children at the older end of the age range for ABCmouse will learn independently.

Cons of ABCmouse

Of course, as with any ABCmouse review, there were a few things we disliked about the site or felt could be improved from our time using it:

  • Paid Subscription – While there is an ABCmouse free version for the first 30 days, after that, you’ll pay a recurring monthly subscription cost.
  • Repetition within Levels – While homeschooling parents know repetition helps a child learn, you may find your child gets bored within the repetitive lessons.
  • Need to be Connected to Wi-fi – You’ll need a wi-fi or data connection to use this app or site at all times.

Get 30 Days FREE of! (then $12.99 mo. until canceled)

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